One Week Old!

It’s one week after our launch and we wanted to thank everyone for the positive feedback!

Already a whole host of local groups have their events listed from Glasgow to Edinburgh via Dundee and Shotts: TechMeetup Edinburgh, Edinburgh Coffee Morning, Edinburgh Hacklab, Turing Festival, Open Street Map Edinburgh, Edinburgh Branch BCS, EdLambda, Edinburgh Perl Mongers, SUPA, TechMeetup Glasgow, PopupHack Glasgow and Refresh Glasgow. (Are you involved in an event you’d like to see here? It’s easy to add it.)

We have received lots of feedback and feature requests from our early contributors, one of which has already been coded and released.

With 1800 pageviews, 367 visits and 270 unique visitors lots of people have been curious about the project and as you might expect, they are quite a geeky audience:

50% Chrome! 50%! A mere 4% IE! And not a single IE 6 visitor!

So what’s next?

Edinburgh is about to go festival crazy and things just generally go a bit odd at this time of year. We’ll quietly be here, working with event organisers to add more events and working to pass the word among the tech communities. I’ll be at OggCamp and TuringFestival, which will be a great opportunity to spread the word. Then as all the tech events pick up in September, we’ll see you there and we’ll see what happens next!

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