No automatically reoccurring events please

One of the design decisions we took from the start is not to allow events to automatically reoccur for ever. Here’s why.

We want to make sure that the data we publish is correct and up to date. This is essential; if users find significant amounts of bad data they won’t trust us anymore, especially if they had to find out painfully by turning up to an event that doesn’t exist anymore and sitting in a bar by themselves.

If an event can reoccur for ever, the event could move or die out and it would still appear on the calendar. So that’s the simple reason why. No Zombie events!

So at the moment you have to add each event individually, which honestly isn’t as bad as it sounds. Someone organising a monthly event can add a whole year in several minutes, and you can added specific details to each individual event like who the speakers are.

We will look at adding reoccurring events later, but with a “catch”, so you have to come back and confirm your event’s still going every couple of months (EDIT: This is now done!).  (This was a true Lean project, in that we stated with a Minimum Viable Product we hacked up in a weekend and most features are coming soon!)

Please get in touch or comment with any feedback.

ps. Searching for Zombie photos on Flickr for this was far more fun than it should have been. Some great costumes. Actual one used is this one.

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