2 months old!

Our launch on Sunday July 22nd makes this Saturday our 2 month birthday!

(Don’t worry, I’ll calm down after a bit about birthdays. Mostly I’m writing this to justify the 2 slices of cake I got at lunch today. Om nom nom.)


Our website has picked up 1,000 visits, 650 unique visits and 4,700 pageviews  – and not a single one in IE6! Our geeky audience means our browser stats still follow a pattern most websites probably wouldn’t recognise – 50% Chrome, 22% Firefox, 10% Safari, 6% Android and 5% Internet Explorer.

Our ATOM and ICAL feeds are being picked up by multiple readers and I think a screen in Amazon’s Edinburgh office shows the upcoming events as handy info for the workers.

A wide variety of groups have added events from SQL Server to WordPress with OWASP securityOpen Street Map and everything in between.

New features include weekly recurring events, and monthly recurring events and an iCal importer are both in the final stages of development. A monthly HTML email has been put together and you can see a preview of that here.

We recently moved to a server of our very own on Bytemark’s Bigv cloud, which should give us plenty of possibilities for growth.

Thanks for all the interest and support we have received so far; it’s great to get such a positive reaction. I’ll have much more time to devote to this project in October, so expect more features and news soon.

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