New Feature (Curated Lists) is launched with start of new design

This morning we launched the start of work on our new design. There’s lots of details still to be sorted and lots of work we want to do that will improve the UX workflow but this is a first step, and we wanted to get it out there. This is a project that has always benefited from feedback and ideas from the community, and we are grateful for the advice we have already received – more is welcome!

Welcome to a redesign

We also launched a new feature that several people have been talking about recently: Curated Lists. These are lists that a user can create then pick and choose events from the site to add. They can build up a personal list of events on the same topic, in the same area or events they endorse.

You can then get a feed or a widget for your website that lets you display only entries from your curated list.

At the moment all lists are public. If lots of people ask we may think about private lists later but so far no-one has come up with a good use for them.

At the moment only the list owner can add events. In the future owners will be able to specify other user who can add events (UPDATE: now done), or specify that the list is open for all users to add events to.

We will also look at letting you add groups to your list to.

But that’s a lot of talk about features – wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to discuss all this?

In fact, something else we are starting is an open issue tracker on GitHub – this will hopefully make it even easier for the community to suggest ideas and feedback on what they want to see. Get stuck in and post suggestions there!

So again, all feeback is welcome by email or via our issue tracker or in person at an event – talk soon!

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