Open means Open data

The Open in our name means several things, but we think one of the most important is “Open Data”. Unlike other projects, we don’t want to restrict your use of event and group data with bad licensing terms or crippled API’s.

For example, we’ve seen one API that only provides the first line of a description then a link back to their site. We think this is a pathetic attempt to look open whilst also driving traffic back to them – we won’t pull that kind of cheap trick.

We’ve been rewriting our terms and our API help to try to make this clearer. Any feedback on what we could do to achieve this, or on what you want in an API is welcome.

We’re being careful to specify that our event and group data is open, but the data we hold on users is private and protected, for privacy reasons. We also currently use a closed data set to turn postcodes into latitudes and longitudes, so we have to be careful about that.

But we are very proud to say several sites already use our data – and we hope you can find a use for it to.

ps. If your not technical enough to consume our API yourself, we also have a widget you can just drop on your site and a display board you can use.

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