Press Release: Open Tech Calendar is one year old on 24th July 2013


Edinburgh based site Open Tech Calendar lists local technology events, and is going to be one year old on 24th July 2013. It’s had a brilliant first year, listing more than 600 events from Aberdeen to Manchester and attracting 33,000 page-views.

It was started by James Baster after his experiences with Tech Meetup. Tech Meetup is a local popular meetup which puts on monthly talks in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness. James Baster presented the Edinburgh event for 1 year. They had a calendar on their website which was very useful for the community, but they relied on Google Calendar and they didn’t take backups. Google Calendar is not suited for this kind of use and on 20th July 2012 they noticed that almost all the events had been deleted and there was no way to get them back. James Baster set out to write a better replacement and just 4 days later on the 24th July 2012 it was launched.

Since then many features have been added. The site lets anyone signup to add or edit events in the same model as Wikipedia, and thus relies on people adding events themselves. So far over 175 people have signed up. Open Tech Calendar has embraced the principle of Open Data, allowing anyone to use the events data they have collected and providing open APIs to make this possible.

Events from the site are sent around several local email lists, shown on several other websites such as the new TechCube incubator at Summer Hall and shown on screens in a large local technology office to employees.  The site was fortunate to attract support and sponsorship from Edinburgh employers Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems from the start.

James Baster said “I’ve meet people at events who were new to town and found events to go to with my site, and local regular attendees tell me how handy it is. It’s great to have made something that so many people find useful, and I look forwards to another year.” James Baster is a freelance programmer. He advises several local technology meetups, has talked at conferences and blogs on the topic of running technology events.

Jamie Coleman, Director at TechCube said: “James is well known in Edinburgh as a programmer who is driven to build tools to help communities. Whilst superficially simple, the Open Tech Calendar has already become a key factor in helping to catalyse the tech ecosystem in Scotland. There are a huge number of events but many were often hidden in particular silos or known only to a few within specific groups. Open Tech Calendar has changed this for the better.”


Contact details are on our site:

Tech Meetup:
Launch email:!topic/techmeetup/uAYnVS04-Ec
Sites that use our data:
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