We’re going Open Source!

This is something we have been asked about many times before, and we have decided to do it: we’re going Open Source.

We will Open Source the engine that allows you to run a Wiki Calendar. This engine allows you to run a single calendar, or several calendars on one site.

Open Tech Calendar and Has A Calendar will continue to run as normal, the former for the tech community and the later for people who want a hosted solution.

When will this happen? At least a couple of weeks. We are half way through a major new feature we want to roll out first. That feature has now been released! We will release the code very soon. Released!

What license will it be under? Duuno yet. Probably BSD.

What will it be called? Dunno. Any suggestions? We now have a name, but please excuse us keeping it under wraps for now. OpenACalendar

Will there be a hosted version available? Yes, we will continue to run Has A Calendar.

What are the requirements? Briefly, PHP & Postgresql.

What is the code quality like? …… It works.  …… It has some passing tests.  Um, we’ll work to improve this … with your help!

As you can see, we haven’t worked out many details yet. But we wanted to make it official.

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