New Features Released

We are pleased to announce a whole bunch of new features! We are very pleased with this release, as many of the new features are improvements to the user interface and the common tasks people do on the site. We think the basic structure of the site is working fine and are now in the process of smoothing out the rough edges. Below are a selection of the changes:

The boxes that popup on calendars and elsewhere to give you details of an event and the export popup boxes now include more info.

Web addresses are now fuller eg not This will make it easier to see where a link will go.

When someone creates a new event, we check for possible duplicates and prompt the user. We’ve had several events posted twice recently, so hopefully this will help with that.

Detect Duplicate Events

The history of changes now include more information – they include changes to areas, and they tell you exactly what fields changed each time.

Venues have addresses and postcode fields. If you supply a postcode when creating a venue but you don’t click on the map to set where it is, we’ll set the position on the map for you. It isn’t exact but it’s better than nothing.

You can only recur events that are in a group, but now if you try to recur an event not in a group you get a friendly page to explain that. You are prompted to create a group or add the event to an existing group.

Recuring Event Not In Group

And other minor changes …. this is only the start thought – UI and user workflows is the main area we want to target in the coming months.

These changes will be released as version 1.1.0 of OpenACalendar, the Open Source engine behind this site soon. And remember if you want your own calendar for your own interest or group and would prefer that we looked after it for you, you can get one at HasACalendar.

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