New Features Released

We are pleased to announce new features!

These have been running on the server since friday evening to flush any bugs out – we see a big dip in traffic during the weekend which makes sense as most tech events are during the week, but it means that we are the one site that should go live on a Friday afternoon!

These will be released as version 1.2.0 of OpenACalendar in a week or two and full release notes are here. But read on for a tour of the highlights.

User Notifications

Notifications we used to send emails for now appear in the UI too. You still get emails (and you can still unsubscribe from those emails if you want).

user notifications

Editing Recurring Events

When you do so, you will be offered the choice to edit any future events at the same time.

Editing Recurring eventsEditing Groups

You can edit which groups an event is in and put an event in multiple groups – sometimes 2 groups get together to run a joint event!

(Actually administrators have been able to do this for a while, but now normal users can to!)

edit drop down menu


Also Users can delete venues now.

Importers – We have a better Meetup importer, and we can import individual Facebook events!

Tickets URL as well as Information URL – Events can now list 2 separate URLs. In future releases, we will try to get additional information from the tickets URL and embed that right in the page.

Better images, including on Retina screens!

New Retina Icons

History – Changes to importers will now appear

Microformats – We’ve added markup to our pages. This is the Microformat search engines have standardised on.

Event Search – can search for free text, like you could with groups.

Attach Photos to events – before, you could only attach them to groups and venues.

And little UI details, like showing the times since something happened:

time since history

And lots of details in the background to.

Very pleased to release this before our 2nd birthday next week! If your in Edinburgh, do join us for drinks.

Remember, if you want a  group calendar for your interests check out our hosted platform Has A Calendar or the Open Source.

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