New features, 3rd birthday … but it’s about people!

Over the last few months we’ve released a whole bunch of new features. The main one which several people have been asking for is following an area in the same way you could already follow a group. This means you can go to the page for Edinburgh, select to follow it, then get email updates when it changes or when there are upcoming events.

We’ve also had our third birthday in July! It’s great to see everything still going strong after all this time.

The new features (and version 1.5 of the Open Source software) was as a result of a lot of work we did over the general election for a website that tracked 1,000 hustings around the country called Now that’s out it’s time to let it sit for a bit, fix minor bugs and check the new features are working well for people.

Let us know how you find the site – feedback always welcome!

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