Our 5th Birthday! And Open Data for the win

Last week was our 5th birthday, and we got cake from James’s partner!

We also saw a great story about our Open Data this week. ODI Leeds have just published the UK Tech Innovation Index.

Edinburgh and Glasgow came 2nd and 4th respectively, which lead to stories like this one from FutureScot.

And Data for this work came from 3 sources – Meetup.com, EventBrite and …. us! There is a good blog post with a full write up here.

Open Data is key to what we do and has been built into the site from the start. In this and our other projects, we have provided this, have tried to re-use it where possible and have tried to encourage others to produce more and better Open Data. So it’s great to see it pay off in something like this.

We’re looking forwards to continuing down this route over the next year – get in touch with any feedback.

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