It’s our 7th birthday!

In birthday posts in the past, I’ve looked back to our launch or pulled out some stats about our community – but this time, I wanted to look forwards. We posted before about how we were looking for someone to take over the site, and while it’s taken time that search has progressed well.

It’s a difficult ask; there are many different tasks to running this site (from sys-admin, to programming, content moderation, social media work, outreach and answering questions). While people came forwards who would be amazing at some of those, we needed a good team who could make sure that all aspects were looked after.

As we’ve been talking to people we’ve also been tidying up a lot; we have now Open Sourced almost all our code (the exception being our anti-spam code), we have made sure it’s easier for developers to get started with the code, we rewrote our slightly shoddy deploy process and we’ve been documenting our content processes.

We’re not quite ready to reveal the new owner yet; but I can tell you they are committed to keeping it Open Data and Open Source. They are also keen to expand and involve the community fully in the project. We are excited to see what the calendar will look like for it’s future birthdays!

So, we will hopefully break that news soon – and when we do, we’ll be reaching out to lots of people, asking if they can be involved in helping the project in the future. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch so far.

And …. Happy Birthday, and thanks for your support over the years!

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