Notes for existing users of Open Tech Calendar

With the news that in the future Sheffield Digital will be running the calendar, this is a special blog post for those with user accounts at the moment. (We will be emailing everyone with a user account today).

Changes to the sites terms and conditions

We have added something to make it clear that data will be transferred; you can see the full terms here and the changes here.

I don’t want my personal data going to Sheffield Digital!

You know, one of the nice things about running an Open Data site like this is we have very little of your personal data. However, we do have user accounts – email addresses and hashed passwords.

If you would prefer your user account to be deleted rather than transferred to Sheffield Digital, simply:

There will be a 2 week notice period (up to Tue 19th November) before any changes. It may take some time to respond to your request but we promise any requests made during the 2 weeks will be carried out before the transfer.

In the future …

The calendar will continue to run as an Open Data Open Source community project – we look forward to seeing how it goes, and welcoming you to it. You can read more on Sheffield Digital’s plans here.

If you have any other questions … Get in touch!

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