Vote for us!

Just wanted to quickly pass on a spin off project we’ll be very busy working on for the next 75 days. Meet Your Next MP is a site listing all the hustings events for the UK general election, supported by Democracy Club and others.

All the changes we’ve made to the base software so far have already been Open Sourced. A lot of them are to do with making the software more extendable, but one big new feature is this:

You’ll be able to make a user account to follow one area, like Edinburgh or Glasgow and then receive notifications of any upcoming events or changes in that area. You’ll be able to choose to receive these by email or not.

We know some people just export the whole calendar into their personal devices, and this gives people who prefer email a way to do that. This is similar to the way you can follow a group at the moment, if you are interested in receiving all updates from one organiser.

Keep your eyes peeled for more features coming in 3 months time after the election!