Major new version released!

A major new version of Open Tech Calendar has been released! Read on for what’s new.

One part of being Open is that we want people to submit any events they know about, and we have tried to make that easier.

Add from the calendar. Click on the plus sign on any future date to add a event there.

Click To Add Cal

Search for a group. When adding an event, you can search for a group on the page and add directly.

Search Groups

Type in any date and time and we’ll guess. For example “2nd dec 2013 7pm to 9pm”, “2nd wed dec between 19:30 and 22:00” (Note that’s the 2nd Wed in Dec, not Wed the 2nd) or “fri 7pm for 3 hours 30 mins”.

Another part of being open is encouraging people to use our data. We still do this, and we have added Atom feeds several days before events happen as well as Atom feeds as events are created. Click export to see the variety of feeds available. You can choose how many days before.

Other features include …

Clearer event pages. We’ve tried to make the structure of these pages much clearer to read.

Venues. You can add venues, and provide more details for each one.

Proper Map! Have a look and browse around future events.


Add pictures to groups or venues, and they will show up on an event. An example is here.

Easier UI to say your attending events – build up your own personal calendar. There are more places on the site where you can click icons to say whether you are attending or not.


You can then export this directly into your own calendar. There are more options for exporting this.

Notification of upcoming events by email. You can now choose how many days in advance you are notified.

Bigger calendars! Calendars are now the full width of the page for those of you browsing on wide screens.

Mobile browsers. We continue to improve our responsive design, so you can get essential info about an event you are going to on the move.

Events in more than 1 group. If your putting on a event as a collaboration between several groups, contact us and we’ll sort that for you.

This release is also a major rewrite of the code base. We now share a code base with Has A Calendar – the project that lets anyone have a wiki calendar. All the features mentioned here are on Has A Calendar to. If your looking for a collaborative calendar like this for a group you are part of or around a shared interest have a look.

(For those interested, the new version stays with PHP but moves from Symfony 2 to Silex and some components. It also moves from MySQL to Postgres. There is more on the credits page but if you have any geek questions comment and maybe we’ll blog more details later.)

Thanks to our sponsor Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems – their support has enabled us to work on this project. Thanks to everyone else who has offered support and feedback to.

Over the coming months we will focus on small details of both sites in response to feedback to make sure we have really got it right. So go and check the new site out and send us your feedback!

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